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2 picese of  bread & Cheese & slice ham & Peanut Butter & Jam & Coffee & Juice for Breakfast
Free Wifi, Internet Access
Safety box
Two Towels Everyday
Individual Reading Light & Outlets on Bed

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7 nights get 10% off
Birthday 10% off
Laundry Service 3,000KRW / a bag

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2016 핸드메이드코리아 섬머 7/21~24

함께 성장하고 발전하는 핸드메이드코리아 핸드메이드코리아는 아트, 공예, 취미 등 각 분야의 경계를 허물고 손으로 만든 창작 작업을 하는 사람이면 누구나 참여할 수 있는 핸드메이드 전문 전시회 입니다. 2011년 국내 최초에서, 국내 최대규모 핸드메이드 전문 전시회로 성장한 핸드메이드코리아는 600여명이 넘는 국내외 아티스트들과 7만 여명 이상의 관객들이 함께 교류하고 소통할 수 있는 국내 유일의 장소로 전공자, 비전공자 […]

2016 서울오토살롱 7/7~10

Seoul Auto Salon은 국내 대표 자동차 튜닝•애프터마켓 전문 전시회로써 퍼포먼스ㆍ드레스업 튜닝부품, 자동차 액세서리, 자동차 전장, 튜닝 샵 및 서비스 등 다양한 품목들을 다루고 있으며, 비즈니스와 교류의 장을 창출하는 공간으로서의 역할을 하고있습니다.  

홈페이지가 개편되었습니다.


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The JA COEX was recommend by a friend from Korea. I were to attend an activity at the COEX Center in Gangnam, and finding the JA COEX is truly a great find. The JA COEX is conveniently located – its near Line 2 (green line) of the Seoul Metro. SM Town, COEX Mall and World Trade Center.

I highly recommend the JA COEX for travellers.

“Surprisingly cheap but exceptional place” mowma

I stayed at The Ja Guesthouse near Coex Mall for 20 days. The airport limo bus stops only two small blocks from her place so it was very convenient from the get-go. It is centrally located within Gang-Nam so no need to look further when it comes to easy access within Seoul. The guesthouse is an apartment turned into a guesthouse; 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The owner Yeon-Joo keeps the place very clean. It is only a few minutes from Hyundai Mall, Coex Mall, SamSung Metro Station.

“Squeeky Clean and very close to Metro Station and more…” maria p